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Gretchen Pascalis
Owner - Glasswheel Yoga

When I was four years old, my mother and aunt took me to the beach and they decided we all needed "sea names," or new names for when we were by the sea or ocean. My mother chose Fetha Plover, my aunt Julaile Sandpiper, and when they asked little me, I said without hesitation, "Glasswheel."

Don't ocean waves look a bit like a glass wheel, both fragile and strong, rolling over and over? Maybe that's what I was thinking, but all I remember is being so sure that Glasswheel was my sea name. Over time I lost this deep connection with my intuition.


Since I started practicing yoga regularly and studying yoga, I've reconnected with my voice and my intuition, my inner summer, and I'm here on earth to help you reconnect with yours.

I'm a Pisces master of duality: American and French, some days I eat healthy and other days I'm all about the chocolate and ice cream, sometimes I'm more into kundalini yoga, and others more into vinyasa. I'm menopaused, but often feel like I'm 25. I don't have to choose to be one way or another, and neither do you, unless you want to.


I am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher in vinyasa and kundalini yoga with a passion for lunar wisdom and the power of mantra. I am a nature junkie and love the mountains and a good cold plunge in a lake or river. I live in the Savoie region of France and teach English and yoga at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc. I'd love you to come on a retreat with me in the French Alps.

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